Anibal Catalan: Unveiling the Architecture of Emotions

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Anibal Catalan

                                                                            Few artists dare to challenge the conventions of museums and galleries. Those who comprehend the powerful possibilities that arise when works of art are presented in public spaces are rare. When Aníbal Catalán, a visual artist and architect, showcased his exhibition "Morpho" in one of the most iconic plazas of Mexico City, he did so with a full awareness of the torrent of emotions his work would unleash. Inspired by Kazimir Malevich's "Yellow Landscape" painting and the yellow and black hues of the tiger dragonfly insect, he allowed abstraction to conquer the space, initiating a visual dialogue heralding the arrival of spring. As art takes ownership of public spaces, the need for superficial conversations among people diminishes significantly.

With an outstanding international trajectory, Aníbal Catalán, hailing from Iguala, Mexico, has taken his solo exhibitions to globally renowned venues such as MuseumsQuartier in Vienna and the CAN Foundation in Seoul. Moreover, he has left his mark in collective contexts like the Museum Gyeonggi in South Korea and the Istanbul Design Biennial. His creative approach, expressed as "in my work, architecture becomes something beyond," finds its utmost manifestation in a body of work that resonates with the movement from which he draws inspiration: the Russian Constructivism of the early 20th century.

The fusion of practicality with beauty was the central axis of the ethos of Russian Constructivism, something that Aníbal Catalán has demonstrated understanding and executed perfectly in each space his work occupies.


Is space an element or principle?

anibal catalan

I can say it is both. Space in my process, becomes a fundamental principle in terms that it has to be understanding as a phisycal element that we live everyday, so most of my site specif works are or becomes situations or events that happens when the viewers are immersed on them. Space is always charged with abstract contents that can be activated with a simple gesture when its intervened.


What qualities make an art site-specific?

anibal catalan

Definitely the reasoning of space and its qualities and characteristics. The use of the scale, the context, the materiality of the site, its own history are elements that are taken into the process, even when my production is serial all these concepts are taken as a basic concepts to develop a project.


I wish I could share .…. with a human kind.

anibal catalan

     Thats difficult ... but definitely health and joy.

Aníbal Catalán is more than an artist; he is a harmonizer. Dissolving barriers between abstraction and observer, his work unites art with daily life. Yet, his audacious choice to showcase masterpieces in public realms is a testament to his unwavering vision.

This is not mere audacity; it's conviction. Aníbal Catalán disrupts confines, advocating spontaneous interactions and the intrigue of art in shared spaces. He democratizes art, transcending boundaries.

'Morpho,' a profound installation, resonates beyond its physical space; it's a dialogue between creator and world. Catalán encourages exploration beyond traditional venues, embracing art's inherent facet. His vision guides, nurturing deeper art appreciation. His audacity becomes a trademark, a commitment propelling forward.

With 'Morpho,' Aníbal Catalán leaves indelible marks in unconventional realms, reminding us that words and deeds unite. His vision transcends borders, touching those who encounter it.