BALMACEDA: Connecting People through Textile Design

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                                                                               Balmaceda Studio, under the creative direction of Jose Maria Balmaceda, is a haven for Tailored Art Rug enthusiasts. Balmaceda's journey took a captivating turn when he fearlessly abandoned everything and embarked on a transformative adventure to India. Seeking fresh inspiration and creative challenges, he yearned for a soul-stirring experience that would fuel his artistic vision and give birth to his renowned brand, Balmaceda. It was in the vibrant tapestry of India and Nepal where he crafted extraordinary rugs, each bearing the mark of his indomitable spirit. In every personal photograph, Jose Maria radiates a contagious smile, embodying the belief that life's most arduous trials can be transformed into opportunities that guide us towards our destined path. Each new day is a chance to embark on a leisurely stroll, to saunter alongside his beloved canine companion, or simply to pause and rejuvenate. Whether sketching, designing, or planning his next voyage, Jose Maria approaches life with an unabashed passion, cherishing every moment with a heart full of vivacity. Balmaceda Studio is a testament to the expansive realm of his boundless creativity.

Deep within the studio, a symphony of skill unfolds as artisans dedicate themselves to the ancient craft of hand-weaving each carpet. Through time-honored techniques passed down through generations, they breathe life into every fiber, ensuring that Balmaceda Studio's creations are true masterpieces. From sizes and shapes that defy convention to a mesmerizing palette of colors and an array of exquisite fibers, their carpets captivate with impeccable finishes and unparalleled quality.

Embracing the essence of collaboration, Balmaceda Studio works closely with clients to weave their dreams into reality. Intertwining materials and employing intricate weaving techniques, the studio transforms their vision into a tangible digital representation. Here, the realms of art and the virtual canvas unite, breathing new life into the creative process.

Once the intricate weaving reaches its culmination, each carpet begins its remarkable metamorphosis. Through a ritualistic process of washing and stretching, every fiber is nurtured and shaped with utmost care. A meticulous burning procedure follows, sealing the enduring strength of these resilient creations. These rugs stand as enduring testaments to timeless beauty and the remarkable artistry of the craftsmen.

Balmaceda Studio serves as an intersection where art and craftsmanship harmoniously entwine. Here, tradition seamlessly embraces innovation, giving rise to rugs that encapsulate the essence of the past while embracing the possibilities of the present.

In a mesmerizing blend of savoir-faire and legacy, Balmaceda Studio embarks on a captivating partnership with two virtuoso craftsmen—one hailing from Nepal and the other from India. The age-old weaving techniques of Nepal, nurtured through centuries of artistic brilliance, effortlessly outshine their Indian counterparts in terms of sophistication and intricacy. Tracing its origins to the gracious teachings of Tibetan monks in exile, these knotting methods became a cultural treasure, gifted by a resilient land steeped in time-honored traditions.

Balmaceda Studio's awe-inspiring creations gracefully transcend geographical confines, serving as a poignant reminder that true artistry knows no boundaries.


What are the three routines that you keep ?


Doing exercise every day, going for a walk (or several) with my dog, take one day a week of rest.


When you feel the most free ?


When I draw, design and travel. For me travel is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have.


Is there anything too serious to be joked about ?


Nothing is ever too serious for me, life should be taken with a light heart to enjoy to the fullest.