Fidelio: The Contraculture of Skincare products

product photography:

                                                         Inspired by Beethoven's opera of the same name, Fidelio emerges as a prominent skincare brand that challenges traditional gender norms in the realm of skincare.

Founded by the duo of Leonardo Floresvillar and Ricardo Antón Gómez, Fidelio has set a new standard in skincare by embracing the philosophy of gender neutrality and a commitment to entirely natural ingredients and eco-conscious practices.

Nestled in the heart of Guadalajara, Fidelio proudly presents an unwavering commitment to sourcing only the finest local treasures. Indulge in their exquisite range of haircare and skincare essentials, catering primarily to hotels and hospitality establishments.

From their repairing Shampoo to their nourishing Conditioner, invigorating Body Cleanser, revitalizing Exfoliating Hand Wash, and sumptuous Body Lotion, each product encapsulates the essence of the brand's vision. With a resonating motto across their product range - "Be Kind" - Fidelio not only advocates for self-care but also fosters a culture of kindness towards oneself and the planet.

However, Fidelio's dedication to the environment extends beyond their products. They have taken a bold stance against plastic packaging, opting for eco-friendly alternatives. From the manufacturing process to the final shipment, the brand avoids the use of harmful pollutants, ensuring a sustainable skincare experience for their customers.

Their commitment to visual and sensory coherence sets them apart, creating a harmonious experience for users, making Fidelio a counter-culture in the field of skincare products.


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