Nayeli de alba: The Strength of the Unique

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                                                         Nayeli de Alba, a luminary in the fashion industry, has meticulously created a portfolio brimming with outstanding projects where she has splendidly showcased her distinctive style. She has collaborated with illustrious brands such as Ray-Ban, H&M, and Nike, as well as in the music world with artists like Lykke Li and C. Tangana. Furthermore, her work has been featured in distinguished publications such as Cult Classic in New York and DNA Magazine in Mexico, elevating her status as a fashion stylist.

Building upon her remarkable career, Nayeli embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing her own belt brand known as N_D_A. With a vision to offer a diverse range of belts that embody uniqueness and a disruptive spirit, N_D_A presents various collections such as Dr. Martinez, Buchona, Basic Bitch, and Abasolo. These collections are inspired by contemporary Mexican urban fashion folklore, reflecting Nayeli's deep connection to her hometown heritage in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Nayeli's designs showcase the essence of Mexican style through the distinct buckles adorning each belt. Drawing inspiration from her roots, the colors of these belts effortlessly complement modern clothing, harmonizing tradition with a contemporary touch. Each belt crafted by N_D_A proudly represents Mexican craftsmanship, as they are meticulously made in Mexico.

Going beyond conventional fashion practices, Nayeli de Alba introduces a unique showroom concept that features a curated collection of vintage clothing and contemporary trends. This concept offers customers the opportunity to rent garments instead of purchasing them, promoting sustainability and individual expression. Moreover, Nayeli's commitment to fostering connections with emerging talents and avant-garde designers ensures that her collection constantly evolves. By providing a rental service and embracing sustainable practices, she actively works to mitigate the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Nayeli showroom offers a distinctive and eco-conscious fashion experience.

In her tireless pursuit of her vision and ideals, Nayeli finds immense joy and fulfillment in her work. She understands that even small changes can have a significant impact when embraced by many.

Nayeli de Alba's unwavering dedication invites us all to be part of the transformative power of change.


Where do vintage clothes belong ?


Our archive of garments come from many stories, projects, places that tell many experiences and moments.
It started as a small archive and is now a huge collection of stories.
They come from special projects me doing design/styling and they remain as part of the archive, we could say that 80% of the clothes come from my closet in the end it is a mix of all of this and now for example it is already different they make purchases thinking about the latest trends and what wishes the client of The warehouse rental would have.We are focused on finding special pieces, being in contact with new designers, new talents and trying to follow the trends. Our goal is to return to a community closet to reach all the people who want to dress differently in fashion or trend without having to harm the planet, it arises from the idea of trying to reduce the environmental impact in our industry, generating a small change from our niche. 


What outfit gives you the most energy ?


I would dare to say that they are custom made pieces, because they are special, unique and have much more personality to show.


What are you willing to fight for and why ?


I am willing to fight for my vision, my ideals that make me enjoy what I do and make me feel very happy.
Changing little by little is a great change if many of us make it.