parafernalia: (re)contextualization

product photography:
text: Sofia Arredondo

                                                    Parafernalia Studio, a vibrant hub of creativity rooted in Monterrey, Nuevo León, emerges as a crucible for material exploration and aesthetic contextualization. Under the leadership of Sebastián Zorrilla and Genki Matsumura, this studio transcends the conventional boundaries of design, delving into a vast territory where materials become storytellers and bearers of significance.

The essence of Parafernalia lies in its ability to unravel everyday rituals through the lens of seemingly ordinary objects. Just as its name suggests, "Parafernalia'' is more than a term denoting a collection of objects; it's a gateway to a universe of elements that facilitate and enrich our daily rituals. Their eclectic and innovative approach materializes in a broad range of objects, each infused with a deep connection to its materiality and creation process.

Sebastián and Genki, who meet at the Tecnológico de Monterrey during their studies, have their first creative encounter there, where they develop their Horchata Chair, a vernacular piece that opens doors to the world of design. Inspired by the typical Mexican Paraiso chair, it later evolves into a successful series.

The fusion of the rational and the emotive manifests in every work of Parafernalia Studio, resulting from meticulous exploration of materials and their possibilities. Whether working with blown glass, ceramics, or metals, the duo doesn't adhere to a single stylistic path but boldly ventures through a vast aesthetic and functionality expression.

Their trajectory is marked by innovative collaborations and exhibitions, from Wanted Design in New York –reminiscent of their beginnings–, to intimate galleries in Monterrey and Mexico City. Each commissioned project or collective exhibition is an opportunity for the artists to push the boundaries of what's possible and engage in a profound dialogue with the cultural and social environment surrounding them.


What does the word industrial mean to you?


Industrial for us describes something that inhabits the systems of market and production brought on by modernity and the industrial revolution. This term does not describe a particular aesthetic, means of production, or materiality but the nature of a certain object or process.


What material would you like to explore that you haven’t used it yet?


There's nothing were particularly interesting to us in terms of materials at the moment, instead we seem to be more interested in the variety of different processes that can be used to shape and treat a material.


What are you doing to stay positive?


Trying to maintain a balance between work and personal life, our outcome on life is usually very negative when were overworked.

Parafernalia Studio's commitment to experimentation and innovation is reflected in their approach to the creative process. More than a means to an end, the process itself becomes a playground where the surprise and unpredictability of exploration are welcomed guests. This open and receptive mindset translates into works that not only captivate visually but also invite deeper reflection on the nature of design and production in the contemporary world.

From the iconic Horchata Chair that was shown in their first solo exhibition at AGO Projects, to the latest iterations of their most recent creations, such as the Bismuth Lamp or the Hemi Clock, Parafernalia Studio continues to challenge conventions and redefine the boundaries of contemporary design. With a bold vision and unwavering passion for innovation, the studio stands as a beacon of creativity in the Mexican design landscape.

Parafernalia Studio has participated in solo and group exhibitions such as Pink Essay: La Oficina, curated by David Eardly, as well as Imaginario Doméstico, Comité Tlatelolco, both held in Mexico City in 2024; the fourth edition of Salón Cosa in Monterrey in 2022; and the first and second editions of Zona Maco Emergente in 2021 and 2022, among others.