siete studio: the language of geometry

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Siete Studio
text: Sofia Arredondo

                                            Since its foundation in 2020 by Gerardo Córdova, Alexa Fernández, and Diego Escobedo, Siete Studio has emerged as a beacon of innovation and artistic expression both in Mexico City and Australia. With a distinctive focus on creating sculptural, spatial, and functional pieces, this design studio transcends conventional boundaries to establish a direct and unique connection with viewers.

At the core of its philosophy and practice lies an unwavering commitment to innovation in materiality, craftsmanship, conceptualization, and spatial experiences. Each work conceived by Siete Studio tells a story that goes beyond design; it intertwines with the materials used, from the nobility of wood to the strength of steel, the transparency of glass, and the versatility of resin. This approach translates into timeless pieces that acquire unique value over time.

The art object of Siete Studio is a window into the exploration of human connection with the cosmos and the opening of new realities. Works like the "Saturn Lamp" and "Mercury Lamp" bear witness to this quest, being an ode to the relationship between human beings and outer space, the contact with knowledge, and the connection with our own existence. Or "Forge," another of its works, emerges as a portal between earth and fire, where materials become sculptures through the craftsmanship process and the transformative element of fire, as the creative house itself asserts.

Geometry -a fundamental aspect of its creative process- is the universal language that governs creation and order in the universe, says Gerardo. From the simplest to the most complex forms, geometry intertwines with materials and details to create monolithic structures that define the creative ethos of Siete Studio. This appreciation for geometry not only serves as a means of communication but also as an invitation to explore new perspectives and emotions through each work.

The sense of smell, often overlooked in art, also occupies a central place in the creations of Siete Studio. From the first sketch to the finished work, aroma becomes a vital component in creating deep and meaningful sensory experiences. Each collection is intrinsically linked to a unique fragrance, thus forging a connection between art and culture that goes beyond the visual and tactile.


How is geometry used in your designs?

Siete studio

Gerardo : My view of the world is purely geometric, whether it's nature, architecture, art, design or humans - I believe geometry is the cornerstone of creation and the ruling order of the universe. We find geometry in every single spec of dust, from molecular particles to our planet. Geometry is profound in meaning to Siete, I believe geometry is a language of communication that dialogues with users in so many different ways depending on the users perspective, feelings and knowledge. Siete embraces the essence of geometric shapes through an unfiltered scope where we find form intertwined with materials and details to create monolithic structures that define our creative ethos.


Are there any scents you would like to connect with your collections?

Siete studio

Alexa : Smell indeed holds profound significance in ou collections, as we strive to create sensorial experiences through our pieces. Each design is backed by extensive research, and scent often serves as our starting point. Smell serves as one of their most vital senses, it creates a realm of perception that continues to captivate modern society. Even today, some scents elude precise description due to our limited vocabulary. The power of smell lies in its ability to transport us to cherished memories, specific moments in time, and even unfamiliar locales. Our goal is to forge a profound connection between art pieces, fragrances, and cultural experiences. In essence, scent acts as a bridge, linking the tangible with the intangible, and allowing our audience to immerse themselves fully in the richness of our collections.


The Mila cup and your favorite type of coffee

Siete studio

Gerardo - Espresso - Mila Cup was inspired by my love for espresso, its cultural heritage and history.
Alexa - I'm more drawn to the taste of matcha. I enjoy the smooth, earthy flavors.
Diego - Definitely a macchiato. There's something about the contrast between the harmony of the ingredientes.

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of pre-Columbian cultures in Mexico, Siete Studio infuses its creations with elements reminiscent of ancient civilizations. One can discern this influence in the pyramid-like shapes present in some of their pieces, serving as a nod to the architectural marvels of Mesoamerican civilizations. These echoes of history not only add depth to their designs but also pay homage to the enduring legacy of indigenous cultures, intertwining past and present in a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

Finally, Siete Studio merges functionality with personal passion. For example, the "Mila" cup pays homage to the pleasure of sensory indulgence. Inspired by the tastes and preferences of its founders, Gerardo, Alexa, and Diego, this cup not only celebrates form and function but also invites users to enjoy a complete sensory experience, from the first sip to the last.

Together, Siete Studio challenges the boundaries of design and creativity, and opens the doors to a unique journey through the universe, exploring new horizons and discovering new ways of connection and expression.